Tickitto Docs

View Basket

This endpoint returns a selected basket by basket_id and displays all tickets added and reserved along with the metadata associated with those tickets.

You will need to pass a basket_id with this endpoint.


GET tickitto.tech/api/basket/?{basket_id}

URL Parameters

basket_id string Tickitto's unique identifier for a basket Ex: 2882a0e7-4d24-43b5-a376-202930ca89aa


"basket_id": "59eeee7c-d005-4439-8773-59e21fd0a414",
"created_on": "2020-07-29T15:49:55.179Z",
"distributor_id": "5f097b103dee8dd2a228bd77",
"items": [
"item_id": "string",
"booking_options": {},
"display_data": {},
"event_id": "string",
"event_name": "string",
"price": 0,
"booking_fee": 0,
"currency": "string",
"venue_location": {},
"event_image": "string",
"ttl": "2020-07-29T15:49:55.180Z",
"booked_successfully": false,
"voucher_url": "string"


basket_id string Tickitto's unique identifier for a basket.

created_on date Date and time stamp for when the basket_id is created

distributor_id string Tickitto's unique identifier for a distribution partner.

items [object] An item is a ticket selected by the ticket buyer and all of its related metadata, including:

  • item_id string Tickitto's unique identifier for an item in the basket.
  • booking_options object The selection made by the ticket buyer on date, time, number of tickets, seats, concessions, pickup point, and add ons. Please note that this field is auto-populated by Tickitto's Ticket Selection Widget and posted to the basket endpoint via post messaging.
  • display_data object This field displays a standardized data model across different ticket types for the booking options selected by the ticket buyer. We recommend using this field in any summary panel or basket page on your platform.
  • event_id string Tickitto's unique identifier for an event.
  • event_name string The title of the event.
  • price number The final face value of the selected ticket.
  • booking_fee number Any associated additional booking fees passed from Tickitto's supplier or set by the distribution partner.
  • currency string Currency identifier for the price of a ticket in ISO 4217 format. Tickitto's base currency is GBP.
  • venue_location object Location details of the venue where the event occurs. This includes venue_name , venue_address , latitude , longitude
  • event_image [string] URL Links for the event media.
  • ttl date A timestamp for when the 15 min reservation period has commenced.
  • booked_successfully boolean An indication of whether the item has been successfully reserved with Tickitto's Supplier.
  • voucher_url string The unique link for the ticket voucher that the ticket buyer needs to present at the venue for admission. The URL will be returned only when the basket has been succesfully checked out.