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Depending on the event admission type, Tickitto's Ticket Selection Widget renders the relevant UI components necessary for ticket buyers to select a ticket such as interactive seating maps, time slots, and calendar dates.

This is generated as a URL and is fully responsive on mobile and desktop.

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Calendar UITime Selection UIInteractive Seating Map

The Widgets have been designed to load real-time availability data for seats, dates, and times. Also, any additional selection required for add_on, pickup_points, or concessions will be displayed in the Widget with the relevant UI.

As a developer, you will not need to populate the ticket buyer's selection on the Widget or orchestrate any API calls to add tickets to the basket.

When the ticket buyer invokes the 'add to basket' action on the Ticket Selection Widget, the Widget will post the booking_options selected by the user for that event to the relevant basket_id, via post messages.

The Widgets also support multiple currencies and languages.


Tickitto's Widget is a white-label product that can be rebranded to match your platform's exact look and feel.

You can discuss your branding requirements with your Tickitto account manager.

Once these are agreed upon, the Tickitto team will implement your custom theme. As a developer, there is no additional rebranding work required on your end.