Tickitto Docs


The next step after choosing an event is finding an availability instance of that event.

Each availability instance represents a ticket that could be added to the basket at a particular date and time.

Every Widget is availability aware and loads in real-time what seats, dates, and times are available to be selected for that event.

The Widget also allows the ticket buyer to select:

  • Additional add ons to the ticket (if applicable)
  • A pickup point (if applicable)
  • A concession type such as child, student or senior (if applicable)

All pricing information is also displayed in the Widget.

The Ticket Selection Widget is generated as a URL via the availability endpoint. It is fully responsive on mobile and desktop and can be white-labeled to match your platform's look and feel.

As a developer, all you need to do is inject Tickitto's Ticket Selection Widget within the booking flow on your platform as an iFrame.

This approach is designed to minimize the orchestration of various API calls and reduce the complexity of designing event-specific seating maps and other front-end components necessary for enabling users to select event tickets.